The Story

Bradley is a middle aged man who gave up a normal 9-5 job to try to pursue comedy.  Now he works as a rideshare driver while performing nights at The Chuck Hole Comedy Club in Albany Park, a neighborhood in Chicago.


His love interest is Jeannie, a bartender at the comedy who is studying to get her masters degree at a local university.  After some back and forth they finally agree to have a date one night after Jeannie gets off work.  The powers that be however have other plans for Bradley.


Through a series of events, Bradley consumes an alien elixer that grants him superpowers.


Now Bradley finds himself as the superhero “Bradman” protecting the city he calls home and woman he loves from two evil supervillains determined to destroy the world.



Bradley Laborman

as Bradley/BRADMAN

Jenny Wardach

as Jeannie

Ruth Diaz

as Daisy Infuerno

Haley Schneider

as Two-Step Telli

Dennis Hurley

as Professor Victor Nordic

Angelica Trygar

as Kyla

Swapnil Shah

as Yusha

Larry Biela

as Chuck

Chantal Hayes Randall

as Lisa

Chantelly Johnson

as Kelly

J.P. McAllister

as RinX

Al Vitucci

as Shasta

Oz Yildizhan

as Fanta

Terrance McDonald

as Norris

Jarrell Pyro Johnson

as Tor

Delilah Hefner

Young Daisy

Jeffrey Lasky

as General Sheen

Jim Schiefelbein

as Professor Sullivan

Andre Boyd

as Commissioner Bollingwith

Vincent Rideout

as Silas

Jeanne Scurek

as Phyllis

Mike Leibrandt

as K-Brew Delivery Driver

Charlie Bain

as Rideshare Guy

Dana Balkin

as Rideshare Girl


Bradman Media Unlimited fights to be a trendsetter among other Production Companies by providing opportunities for social growth and philanthropy. I guess you could say we practice “FILMlanthropy”
For Example, as an added gesture of good karma, Bradman: The Movie is OM Guarantee™ certified, which means any contribution, merchandise sales, ticket sales or other funds provided for our project will also provide vegan meals for various numbers of hungry children in the world.

The OM GUARANTEE™ certification mark used by Bradman Media Unlimited is authorized by feedOM™ and guarantees that the social impact claimed by Bradman Media Unlimited for products and/or services purchased through our business is legitimate and has been captured in the EOS blockchain.

Furthermore, the services provided by Bradman Media Unlimited have been produced, traded, and marketed in accordance with the feedOM’s social responsibility, environmentally conscious, animal-friendly and vegan standards.



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